What are Your Sexual Fantasies?

Sexual Desire. Sexual Response. Sexual Fantasies.

Ladies, when it comes to sex we are comp. lic. ca. ted.

Mucho. Much. Like, V E R Y.

We do have sexual fantasies, and we do fantasize about bondage. But much to the fella’s disappointment, we don’t frequently daydream about the dominatrix I’ll-whip-your-head-back-and-forth-with-my-whip type of bondage.

Girlfs, our sexual fantasies are almost always about emotional bonding.


We gals are more likely to become emotionally–not necessarily physically–aroused by our sex fantasies. Almost always, the content of our sexual fantasies emphasize

  • Tenderness
  • Familiar partners, settings, and feelings
  • Thoughts of intimacy
  • Emotions
  • Passive love-making
  • Non-sexual and sexual touch….slow, slow, slow, slow, slow lingering touches….to every part of your body. EVery part. Of. Your. Body.
  • Ourselves as the recipients of any fantasized sexual behaviors.

And of course, guys’ fantasies are totally opposite! This is why it’s





to discuss your sexual fantasies with your partner!

And rape, or being overpowered by a man/forced by a man to have sex, is also a very frequent sexual fantasy of women.

For quite a few years, researchers have studied this type of sexual fantasy in women, and they’ve determine that gals may engage in these fantasies because it allows them to rehearse in their minds how they might escape a similar, real-life situation. [Fellas--be warned! NEVER engage in this type of fantasy with your gal until you both agree to it!]

So ladies, what are your sexual fantasies? Before you jot them down, be sure to take the sexual fantasy quiz first!

And as always, be sure to share your results with your partner, because in doing so you’re helping to create your matchless relational culture!

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