What’s Your Sexual Fantasy Type?

1. Imagine that you are one of four people in a room. One is tied to a bed, one is holding a whip, one is sitting in the corner and one is applying nipple clamps to the recumbent. Which one are you:

a. The one tied to the bed? (P)

b. The one with the whip? (D)

c. The one in the corner? (R)

d. The one applying the clamps? (A)

2. Which of these is closest to your ideal setting for a fantasy?

a. A Venetian brothel (P)

b. A dungeon (D)

c. A bedroom (R)

d. A prison cell (A)

3. Which of the following animals would you choose to feature in your fantasy?

a. A unicorn (P)

b. A snake (D)

c. An octopus (R)

d. A tiger (A)

4. Which of the following eras would you choose as the setting for a fantasy?

a. The present day (P)

b. Victorian (R)

c. Caveman (D)

d. Far future (A)

5. Which of the following toys are featured in your fantasy?

a. Feathers and whipped cream (P)

b. Handcuffs, panty hose, and a necktie (A)

c. Whips and chains (D)

d. Ice cubes and a cold beer (R)

6. Which Disney character are you (female)?

a. Nala (the Lion King) (D)

b. Snow White (R)

c. Sleeping Beauty (P)

d. The Little Mermaid (A)

7. Which Disney character are you (male)?

a. Mufasa (the Lion King) (D)

b. Peter Pan (R)

c. Jack Sparrow (P)

d. Woody (A)

8. Sex in a glass elevator is

a. unsanitary (R)

b. illegal (P)

c. boring (D)

d. exciting (A)

9.  Sex on the beach

a. can lead to sand crabs in places you can’t reach (R)

b. is an alcoholic drink (P)

c. or in the snow, or in the jungle, or in the rain forest… (A)

d. is better if the beach is rocky (D)

10.  In “Elf,” your favorite quote is

a. Buddy to the fake Santa: You stink. You smell like beef and cheese! You don’t smell like Santa. (D)

b. Buddy: First we’ll make snow angels for two hours, then we’ll go ice skating, then we’ll eat a whole roll of Tollhouse Cookie-dough as fast as we can, and then we’ll snuggle. (A)

c. Buddy: I’m a cotton-headed ninny-muggins. (P)

d. Buddy: Ow!!! Son of a nutcracker! (R)






Determine the number of As, Ds, Ps, and Rs. Which do you have the most of and be sure to stop in and share your results!

Mostly Rs: You are perhaps a little repressed in your fantasizing. If you say things like ‘I never fantasize’ or ‘this just isn’t me’ ask yourself why change in this area has become such a huge problem for you? Would the sky collapse if you tried? It isn’t as if a mere fantasy is going to corrupt your personality. And good fantasies (accompanied by the right friction) are the basics of sexual enjoyment.

Mostly Ps: You tend to assume a passive role in your fantasies. You’re turned on by having things done to you, and why not? It’s good to let go sometimes, and the privacy of your own imagination is the perfect place to do this.

Mostly Ds: You like to fantasize about being dominant. Fantasies are a natural place to work through desires we would mainly not want to act out in real life, and this can include violent or otherwise transgressive ones.

Mostly As: You are adventurous and daring in your fantasy life, willing to explore the further extent of your sexuality. Getting a partner to play along for real would of course require careful preliminary communication.

Source: Adapted from Phillip Hodson (www.bacp.co.uk)

Photo Credit: Antipodas (flickr.com)


  1. fnbroncos30 says:

    Does it mean anything special that I had a tie for passive and adventurous?

    • It’s interesting—it means you’re somewhat a a ludas (flirtatious) person and a pragma (practical) person! Which side comes out most often in your relationships?

  2. Wildcat11 says:

    Highest was Passive.
    Second was Repressed,
    Third was a tie between dominant and adventurous.
    This should be interesing and fun to explore.

  3. Robert Evans says:

    Sooo… I am Adventurous followed by Passive.


  4. Natasha says:

    I took this quiz with my husband doing it as well (on the other line of a telephone) and we were complete opposites…kind of funny….

  5. Gabrielle says:

    Ok, so I tied for passive and dominant, I was a close second for adventurous, and scored the lowest on repressed, yet not too low not to take notice of. I’m so confused!


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