The Slang of Sex


Research shows that men and women use different terms to describe their sexual anatomies and to describe different aspects of the sexual experiences and relationships. Men, for instance, tend to use power sexual slang, or "dirty" and aggressive words when describing sex (such as "f___ing") and/or … [Continue reading]



Though unspoken, they both knew that after 38 years of marriage their time together would soon draw to an end. Despite the valiant war she waged the cancer had overtaken every aspect of her being and we all knew she would not be with us when the morning came. We moved her into the family room as she … [Continue reading]

It’s Not a Big Deal, It Happens to Everyone

Yep, if you’re a guy you know what I’m talking about just from reading the title.  The truth is, erectile dysfunction (ED) (which so sounds like … [Continue reading]

Love Him or Leave Him?


Hey Dr. Welch, I need some relationship advice for a friend, I hope you can help! My friend is almost 29 and she’s been married for about four … [Continue reading]



I used to dread taking down the Christmas tree. Seriously hated it. Dragging down the boxes from the attic…donning oven mitts so I could reach in … [Continue reading]

What are Your Sexual Fantasies?

Wine Closeup

Sexual Desire. Sexual Response. Sexual Fantasies. Ladies, when it comes to sex we are comp. lic. ca. ted. Mucho. Much. Like, V E R Y. We do … [Continue reading]